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5 Reasons Skincare Is Important for Men

For many years, it seemed that taking steps to minimize the appearance of aging was strictly a woman’s attitude. This should not be the case. Today, many men are discovering that they can reduce the signs of aging simply by starting a regimen of skincare practices. Consequently, there are more products than ever geared toward helping men in their skincare routine.

However, if you are still of the mindset that a skin care routine is strictly for the fairer sex, then you may be interested to learn the following 5 reasons why skincare is important for men.

Protection against Signs of Age

Just walk down the aisle of any drugstore, health and beauty aids department, or even a salon and you will find a plethora of lotions, soaps, gels, scrubs and face washes designed specifically for a man’s skin. Surprised? Don’t be. After all, while skin is skin, because men don’t typically use makeup, their skin has little protection from the elements. This lack of protection means that when their skin begins to age, it does so at a quicker rate and it shows more easily than women’s skin does.

So what can you do? Rather than waiting until your skin shows signs of age, start using skin care products- especially moisturizers, at an earlier age. This will aid in maintaining the skin’s elasticity and keep it smooth to the touch. In most cases, an all-natural, oil-based moisturizer is recommended because it adds nutrients to the skin.


For many men, shaving is part of the daily routine. And while shaving may be a preferred part of grooming and aids in exfoliating, it is also a key contributor to weakening the skin’s moisture barrier. In addition, men have more neuro-receptors than women, so their skin is more easily irritated.  To combat against this, use a skin cleaner, toner and moisturizer designed specifically for your skin type. You can also protect your skin, as well as slow down the signs of aging, by shaving in the direction your hair naturally grows with a multi-blade razor, which will also give you a faster and closer shave, and decrease bumps, cuts and ingrown hairs. For those men who do not shave, it should be noted that having a beard actually protects your skin from the elements and will help minimize dryness.

Thick Skin

Did you know that a man’s skin is as much as 30% thicker than a woman’s? This means that the skincare products used must be stronger so that it can penetrate to the deeper levels of the skin – not just the surface. Opt for a cleanser designed specifically for men that does not contain soap because it will wash off easily, is not as irritating and will not dry out your skin.

Sun Protection

Although skin cancer is not specific to one gender or the other, men are actually more susceptible. This is because most women use cosmetics that have added SPF, or make up products that are mineral based with a natural SPF. Thanks to the beauty products used, women protect their skin from risk of sunburn and skin cancer. A good moisturizer that contains SPF and applied daily will protect your skin.

The XY Factor

Because men usually have more testosterone than women do, their skin produces more oil; however, they also have smaller oil glands, so it is more difficult for their skin to absorb fluids. Using a skincare product specific to men will result in cleaner, healthier skin that is less oily. To ensure that your skin is kept hydrated, you should also use an aftershave that contains a moisturizer such as aloe vera, jojoba oil, sunflower seed oil, hemp seed oil or coconut oil, and is alcohol-free.

A basic skincare routine that includes products specifically for men is a great way to have great looking, younger skin. If you are eager to learn how to have healthier, younger looking skin, talk to one of the pros at Mint Salon and learn what products we have to help.


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