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Brazilian Waxes

To wax or not to wax? That is the question many women ask themselves when bikini season is on the horizon. Many women choose to remove body hair in their pubic area for bikini season due to the general cultural disapproval of visible female pubic hair—although many women choose to keep their hair natural regardless of expectations. But for those of us that want to keep it bare down there, the thought of waxing may at once be exciting—and terrifying. Waxing the pubic area is notorious because of the amount of pain involved, which is due to the sensitive skin and other areas in this region. An inexperienced person can potentially burn themselves or otherwise hurt themselves if they aren’t careful with the type of wax they use, the wax’s temperature, and how they remove hair. It is generally recommended that women should to a professional waxing salon instead of trying this type of hair removal at home.

Most people properly consider the phrase “bikini wax” and “Brazilian wax” to be interchangeable, but they are actually two different types of pubic area waxing. A “bikini wax,” or American-style wax, refers to removing hair in the bikini area only—meaning that the only pubic hair removed is the hair that would be visible while wearing a bikini, such as those on the sides or top of the general pubic area. (A French wax, by the way, refers to creating a vertical ‘landing strip’!) By contrast, a Brazilian wax refers to removing all of the hair in the pubic region. A Brazilian wax is usually what most women go for during bikini season to ensure that no hair is visible while they are lounging on the beach or swimming in a clear blue pool with friends—especially if they tend to spend a lot of time at the beach in the summer.

The Brazilian-style wax is usually considered to be more painful than the American or French styles, because it is removing all of their hair, even the hair on the center sensitive parts of the pubic region. Women who are seeking a Brazilian wax should ensure that the wax being used is not synthetic—which is much more damaging to the skin—and that they go to an experienced salon instead of attempting this painful and potentially harmful, if not done right, type of waxing at home.  For more information on waxing services, visit


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