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How to Prepare for Your First Brazilian Wax

In the past few years, the idea of a Brazilian bikini wax has gone from a novelty mentioned on Sex in the City to a standard procedure in salons and spas. Yet another contribution from those sultry Brazilians to American sexuality, the Brazilian bikini wax is often a staple on a man’s Top 10 Sex Fantasies.

A true Brazilian bikini wax removes all the hair from the pubic region. A “landing strip’ on the pubic bone is a twist some women prefer to going completely bare. The first time hair is waxed is the most painful, so it is recommended that you try a traditional bikini wax before tackling a Brazilian. Especially since, surprisingly, the most painful portion to be waxed is the area directly over the pubic bone. This can be waxed in a traditional bikini wax to get the skin and hair follicles used to the process before diving into the full-blown Brazilian wax.

Much like plucking your eyebrows, the first time each hair follicle is jerked out of its root, is the most painful. Eventually the hair follicle adapts to the removal and is less painful, grows back thinner or sometimes not at all. That is why getting a bikini wax or Brazilian wax regularly may result in longer periods between and less noticeable hair re-growth and, in some cases, no re-growth at all.

It is important to be armed with information before making your Brazilian decision, so here’s the basic Brazilian wax set-up. Usually performed in a spa or salon, the spa attendant will direct you to a private room with a padded table. He or she will allow you to undress (just your underwear and pants) and lie down on the table, knees apart and up. A clean spa will be evident in the cleanliness of the materials and whether or not the spa attendant wears gloves. These are vital for both your and the attendant’s protection during your Brazilian wax.

Your hair needs to be at least one quarter of an inch long to be removed completely by waxing. Anything shorter will not stick to the wax. Keep in mind, your hair is on varied growth cycles. It may take a few Brazilian waxes to get all your hair on the same growth cycle. So the first time, you will notice extra hairs that are too short to be removed around your bikini area. Don’t worry. After a few regular waxing cycles, your hair will get on the same cycle and all be removed cleanly with a standard Brazilian bikini wax.

If your hair is too long the attendant may need to trim it before waxing. If the attendant does not trim longer hair, it may be incredibly painful. Don’t be afraid to speak up if you feel the pain is unnecessary and could be reduced by a little trimming.

What to Expect with Your Brazilian Wax in Midtown

First, a light powder will be applied to dry the skin so the wax sticks better and make the hair more visible. The spa attendant will use pre-heated, wax.. After applying wax to an area, the spa attendant will cover it with a cloth strip and immediately rip it off. In most cases, the attendant will instruct you to help him or her hold the skin taut for a cleaner, less painful removal. This is good for the client, because it gives you a measure of control over your experience and decreases your feelings of vulnerability.

If the pain is unbearable, let the spa attendant know. They can go to a different area and come back or otherwise alter your experience. However, if you take proper precautions, your waxing experience will not be the nightmarish event first-timers imagine it to be. For obvious reasons, do not schedule you wax when premenstrual bloating and hormones make everything more tender. Also, avoid using self-tanners or the tanning bed for at least 48 hours before waxing. Take an anti-inflammatory like Tylenol, Aleve or Advil an hour before your appointment.

You should , wear loose clothing, preferably cotton, and appropriate underwear before and after the wax appointment. Keep the bikini area moisturized with unscented lotions for 48 hours. Also, although the Brazilian bikini wax is noted for its increased sexual sensitivity, you should avoid sex until the slight swelling is reduced. In addition, stay away from hot baths, hot tubs and other chlorinated pools, A product like Tendskisn  will deter in grown hairs after waxing.

So is a Brazilian bikini wax worth the pain? Many women prefer the cleaner area and sensitivity during sexual activity that a Brazilian offers. Getting a Brazilian bikini wax is a secret empowering activity to help you embrace your sensual side and celebrate your femininity. And your lover is probably going to be pretty excited about your new cultural studies too.

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