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How to Talk to Your Stylist about Hair Tinting

You are tired of your hair’s look. The color makes you wonder who the person in the mirror is. The style, well, what exactly is it?  After hours spent on Pinterest and other sites looking at new hairstyles, you have decided that the answer is hair tinting, and perhaps a new style. So, you gather up your research and head to the salon.

However, as you make your way to the salon, you are faced with another conundrum, how on earth do you talk to your stylist about hair tinting rather than merely coloring? After all, you have decided that traditional coloring every 4 to 6 weeks is just not enough.  To come in and ask for tinting rather than color, could be somewhat awkward. So, how do take the plunge and make the change?  Here are a few tips.

  1. Timing – Getting your hair cut and colored is rather common, but that doesn’t mean you should spring it on your hairstylist. When you make the appointment, be sure to tell them what you are considering. If you know the color you want, now is the time to tell them so that they can have the supplies needed available.
  2. Be kind – Don’t talk down to your stylist as though you know more about hair tinting than they do. They are the professional, and with each cut, color, tinting, etc. they are putting their reputation on the line. However, they should listen to your concerns and questions.
  3. Have a picture – Let your stylist know that what you would like the final color to look like, but also understand that every person’s hair is different – even with a tint, you may not be able to get hair exactly like Jennifer Anniston’s!
  4. Plan for the day – Although typically not as lengthy a process as a color, having your hair tinted does take time. Arrive on time so that your hairstylist can have plenty of time to accomplish the task. Your stylist is not there to just meet your needs, they have lives, too.
  5. Ask questions – Be sure to ask any questions you may have about hair tinting before the process is begun. If you are still in the “considering phase” for tinting your hair, see if you can arrange a consultation with your stylist and learn as much as possible.
  6. Be flexible – While your stylist would like to be able to promise that your hair tinting will look exactly as you want. However, your hair’s chemistry make up and previous hair colorings can affect how the hair tinting will work. Your hairstylist can often give you an idea of what to expect once the tint has been applied.

Hair tinting is a more permanent option than hair coloring and is often the best solution to getting an up to date look. But, if you are new to the world of hair tinting, take the time to talk to your stylist before making the change. Remember, your hairstylist is human just like you, and not a fairy godparent.  You need to be clear in your description of what you want the cut and tinting to look like. Then, get ready to see the new you! Hair tinting is a great way to discover the YOU that you are looking for! Talk to the pros at Mint Salon today to learn how hair tinting can give you the look you have always wanted.


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