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Top Summer 2017 Hair Trends

Top Summer 2017 Hair Trends

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You’re planning your next getaway girl’s trip to Atlanta. You are stopping by the coffee shop, Ponce City Market, or even the Cat Café. Your girlfriends suggest going to the hair salon—which is a great idea! What better way to relax than having your hair shampooed, dried, and played with? But, the big question is, “What do I do to my hair?”

You’ve been busy lately with work and trying to eat healthy, and haven’t had much time to keep up with the newest trends on Pinterest. Fear no more—Here are five of the top summer 2017 hair trends.

  1. Baylayage
    No more looking like a skunk with highlights from the 90s—a baylayage treatment will give your hair a natural sun-kissed tone. Baylayage works great for blondes, brunettes, and red heads as well as short, medium, and long hair lengths. If you have a hair appointment at the salon, ask your hair stylist to curl your hair, as this style is most popularly associated with thick, strong curls. Adding layers will also give this style a pretty appearance and bring out the different tones in your hair color.
  2. Eclipting
    This new hair style invented by Aveda’s Ian Michael Black uses contrasting hair colors to emphasize certain aspects of your facial features. The same idea applies for make up when contouring your face. Your hair stylist can add a variety of colors and tones to help your eyes stand out, make your face look thinner, or to compliment your smile.
  3. Down-The-Middle
    Did you know research shows “attractiveness” is related to how symmetrical your features are? Ditch the side part you’ve had for ten years and start parting your hair down the middle. The hair salon can do this easily for you as well as trim, cut, and add layers to your hair to give you a feisty summer look. Double takes start… now!
  4. Soft Waves
    In the Atlanta summer heat, it is almost impossible to keep your hair in tight curls. Soft waves take less time to curl and will give you a natural, beachy look that is perfect for summer! Add some lighter colors to your hair, and you are a perfect summer beach goddess.
  5. Funky Colors
    Times are changing and traditional hair styles and colors are, too. If you are feeling feisty, try adding a few splashes of neon pink, purple or blue to your ends. You may also want to try a trendy favorite, platinum blonde. This color is super shiny, almost grey, and very stylish. Adding these colors to your hair will take several treatments, because your hair must be bleached white first (or else the colors will not work properly.) Make sure you have all day or more if you want to invest in a funky color.

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