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Why Having Highlights and Color in Your Hair is Important

Have you ever considered that having your hair highlighted or colored is actually important or do you simply choose to your color because you like to shake things up a bit? Believe it or not, highlighting and coloring your hair, is actually more important than one might think. For many women, their hair represents something intrinsic to which they are as a person. Someone with a spunky personality often reveals that with a short, sassy-perhaps even spiked and uniquely colored- hairstyle, while someone who is more of a “just the facts’ person may choose a no muss, no fuss hairstyle left in its natural color.

And, while studies show that the average man will only change his hairstyle or color 3 times in his adulthood, a Mail Online study found that of 1000 individuals polled, 42% of women said they change their hair to stay on trend. While a significant number said they change the cut and color because they simply wanted a new look.

Yes, our hairstyle, as well as its color, says much about us. But did you know that highlights and color are actually important? They aren’t merely whims of fashion in which we indulge, but a fashionable way to a healthier you.

Why is Coloring and Highlighting Your Important?

Coloring and highlighting one’s hair is very common, especially after a breakup. For many women all around the globe, a breakup means they need a new look. After a breakup, many women want a way to show that even if they are hurting inside, they are better than expected. A new hair color and highlights is an easy 2-hour transformation that allows them to show their strength, improve self-esteem and move forward.

Interestingly enough, having your hair colored and highlights added gives your hair more volume. The color and highlights add dimension to your overall look, so thin hair looks thicker and thick hair looks even more so. Not only can color and highlights add volume, but it also works as a sunscreen for your hair. An additional benefit of adding highlights and color is that when paired correctly with the style, the style can go from good to fabulous!

Of course, for many women the highlighting and color are important because it is a practical way to hide the gray! While gray hair may be considered distinguished on men, for women it is an unwanted giveaway of one’s perceived age. Many women start to turn gray long before their 50th birthday, and would rather not advertise that to everyone. A great hair coloring and highlighting job can keep one looking youthful—and what’s not to love about that!

Highlighting and color one’s hair is not likely to go away any time soon. In fact, it certain to continue to evolve as more color choices becomes available. Unlike many other cosmetic changes one might make, a new look for your hair is a procedure can boost morale, protect your hair from the sun’s rays, add volume and make one look younger all in about the time it takes to watch a movie. So, what are you waiting for? Mint Salon is here to help you get a great new look. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.



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