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Mint for Men

Looking for a reputable men’s salon in Midtown? MINT salon offers a wide range of services from cuts, colors & highlights to even manzilians.

We know that every day you take on the world. We know that you are passionate about work, play and everything you do. You always want to be at your best in every situation.

Allowing for reasonable grooming only adds to your confidence and attractiveness.

****Consistent Maintenance is key to a great appearance. Schedule your cut color or male waxing services in Atlanta a minimum of every 4 weeks.

Hair and Wax

Haircut 36+
Grey Coverage 45+
One Process Color 65+
Hi/Low Lite 85+
Hair Removal Services
 Brow wax or tweeze 19.99  Full Leg 60.00
 Threading – Brow 15.99  Half Leg 35.00
 Ear 12.99  Full Arm 39.99
 Neck 12.99  Half Arm 25.99
 Nose 12.99  Back 45.99
 Chest OR Stomach 25.99  Underarm 19.99
 Chest AND Stomach 39.99  Shoulder 19.99

Some Master Esthetician pricing may vary.

Bikini / Brazilian
First Time 35
Regular Price 45

Waxing for men

SPECIAL! Series of 3 Brazilian for 99
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Midtown Atlanta Salon for Men


A Bikini waxing service removes the hair to the area slightly in from what would be the outline of your bikini

A Brazilian waxing service removes both pubic and hair between the rear cheeks.

You may also opt to have hair remain or be removed in whatever way you specify.

Facial / Skincare

European Facial 99

European Facial – Necessary maintenance is the focus of this 60 minute treatment.

We perform two separate cleansings to remove debris. An exfoliation removes buildup of dead cells.

Steaming softens hardened oils, so that extractions can be performed. Then a custom mask is applied to provide whatever benefits are needed most.  The results of this facial experience will be observable and enjoyable.

MINT Custom Facial 150

MINT Custom Facial – This facial includes the steps and benefits of the European Deep Pore Cleanse Facial. Plus! A peel is selected to achieve a reveal of younger, smoother skin. Peels also benefit acne management. Peels improve collagen production and lighten the appearance of sun damage while creating a beautiful, bright, noticeable glow.  75 min

**Tip**An express Mini Facial, Deep Pore Follow Up or Express Peel (see below) allows for  feasible skincare  maintenance servicesJ

Deep Pore Follow Up 49

**Tip**If removal of black heads and a fresh skin is your goal, then a follow up is a must. A more thorough deep pore cleansing may often be performed as a follow up in the week after your initial visit. A follow up may also be performed as a routine part of your professional  skincare regime. An express Mini Facial, Deep Pore Follow Up, or Express Peel (see below) allows for feasible skincare  maintenance services. 30 min.

Express Facial 49

*****Tip*****An express Mini Facial, Deep Pore Follow Up or Express Peel (see below) allow  for feasible skincare maintenance. 30 min.

MINT Signature Facial 139

MINT Signature Facial- This pampering facial is designed as the perfect gift. Experience this facial as a gift to yourself, or share by giving a MINT Salon gift certificate. This hands-on facial provides extreme pampering. Each step of this service is choreographed to help reach a stage of ultimate relaxation.

Back Facial 69

Back Facial This 45-60 minute treatment provides for the back what our MINT Custom Facial provides for the face. The benefits of cleansing, exfoliation, chemical peel, steaming, pore cleansing , and custom mask are  provided in an artful manner. You will feel rejuvenated, relaxed and your back refreshed and smoothed.



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