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One of the best things to see, at any age is the best you possible. Microneedling offers the safest consistent treatment that results in increased elasticity, and collagen production.

Microneedling improves:

  • sun damage
  • acne scars
  • hyperpigmentation
  • stretch marks
  • fine lines

Microneedling brightens, tightens pores, and increases firmness.


Microneedling Mint Salon

How does Microneedling promote collagen production?

Tiny fine needles rapidly puncture the skin, inducing a natural healing response from the body which promotes stimulation of its’ own natural substance, collagen.

What is different about NANO Microneedling?

Patented NANO skincare technologies allow for better penetration, and absorption, and acceptance of the product or products use during the process. Patented technologies mean a better result with less irritation, and no numbing agent is required.

Kent Thompson an Esthetician of over twenty years said:

“I was amazed at how comfortable I was during the treatment. I was expecting the process to be a bit painful, it was actually relaxing. Irritation was only present into the evening. By the next morning my skin was clear and looked great. A noticeable firmness and brightening was noticeably visible in the following days. I am excited to bring this treatment to our clients at MINT.”

What is the cost of this treatment

1 treatment FACE Only with Hyaluronic Acid (45 min) $350

1 treatment NECK Only with Hyaluronic Acid (45 min) $350

1 treatment FACE AND NECK with Hyaluronic Acid ( 1hour) $550

Treatment with additional customized patented  serums  $25-$50 per additional serum

Face Blanket Mask $50


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